International Day of Happiness – Does Prosecco Make You Happier?

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The International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on 20 March. It is a day to make sure that we, and others around us are happy – and what better way to do that than to offer someone some ‘support bubbles’ to make them happy?

It is considered so important to life satisfaction and expectancy that the United Nations itself backs the International Day of Happiness. It is a day given over to promoting happiness and wellbeing across the planet… as we face an unprecedented global crisis.

Does Prosecco make you happy?

Have you ever had a drink of prosecco and felt immediately happier? There’s something about ordering a glass of sparkling wine that instantly makes you happier. And a little tipsy.

Prosecco, it turns out, makes you drunker faster than other forms of wine or beer!

And this isn’t just me saying this; it has been scientifically verified.

In 2011, Dr Fran Ridout and her team at the University of Surrey published a study about carbon dioxide in alcoholic drinks.

It’s all about the bubbles.

Tests showed that participants who drank champagne with bubbles in had a higher blood alcohol level than those who drank flat champagne (where the bubbles had been beaten out).

According to the theory, the bubbles in fizzy alcoholic drinks like prosecco aid in the rapid passage of alcohol through the stomach or intestine and into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, according to the Telegraph in 2001, “scientists have found that the fizz of Champagne speeds up the absorption of alcohol through the bloodstream, rendering drinkers more giddy.”

So, the choice is obvious. If you’re going to have a drink, best to make it a Prosecco, Champagne or sparkling wine. If you want to share some happiness with a friend or family member, you can now order and send bottles of Prosecco by mail. Why not get yourself a bottle and send a friend the same bottle, and get together on March 20th for a catch-up over Zoom? Let those bubbles work their magic!

Happiness shouldn’t just be for one day. It should be for life. If you know someone who is really struggling during the pandemic, you know what to do! Let those bubbles work their magic.

Why have an International Day of Happiness?

The United Nations’ International Day of Happiness is observed every year. It encourages people to believe that happiness is a fundamental human right.

Good thoughts are considered important to humanity’s well-being by many of the world’s main religions and philosophies. They may consider happiness to be a natural part of life. On the other hand, for many people happiness is a far-off, unattainable concept. The idea of a dedicated day for observing the principle appears to be timely for many people around the world, especially at this difficult time.

The date for the International Day of Happiness is March 20, 2021.

The theme of this year’s International Day of Happiness is “Remain Calm. Stay Wise.”

At a time when we face an ongoing global crisis together, this year’s International Day of Happiness is an opportunity to find uplifting ways to look after one another.

Actions you could take to be happier yourself, and to make others happier:

  • Retain your cool. There are numerous factors beyond our control, especially at this time. Let us remember to take a deep breath and concentrate on what is really important so that we can react effectively.
  • Continue to read and learn. Making sound choices helps all. Let us choose positive actions that benefit our well-being while also benefiting others.
  • Be kind. We can’t live without kindness. We’re all in it together, even though we’re apart. Let’s remain in touch and reach out to those who may need assistance.
  • Think about others. Send someone a card or a gift in the post to really lighten their day and put a smile on their face.

Why does giving gifts make us happy?

Human nature makes us happy when we see someone else happy. By sending or giving someone something we know will delight them, delights us. When you’re a child its’ all about the receiving of gifts. As you mature, it becomes as much about the giving as the receiving.

We feel more connected and happier when we buy gifts for others.

Our brains have a built-in reward system, called oxytocin. It regulates how we communicate with others, according to researchers. Our brains reward us and make us feel good when we spend money to make our friends and family happy. In addition, we’re all having a little dopamine rush from doing something enjoyable!

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