Prosecco and Champagne Gifts by Post

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Sending wine to a loved one is a gesture that depicts romance, friendship and any form of cordial relationship. One of the ways people send wine to loved ones is by post or mail order. Sending champagne gifts by post is common in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and parts of Europe.  A wine gift by post will cost more than a greetings card, but when the wine gets to its destination, the recipient will be delighted.  Two of the choicest wines to send as a gift are champagne and prosecco. Both are sparkling wines but one is not as expensive as the other – prosecco is definitely the more affordable of the two!

Why We Love Prosecco

The Italian Prosecco grows in the Veneto region near Verona, the historical home of Romeo and Juliet. ‘Prosecco’ used to be the name of the wine and the grape from which it originated from but the Italians now prefer for the grape to be known as Glera. Prosecco has soared in popularity in the last few years. It’s a fun, fruity and bubbly wine, and is significantly cheaper than the price of a bottle of mid-market champagne.

Why not send a bottle of prosecco instead of champagne for Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday or a birthday?  It would be romantic for your lover to receive a beautiful bottle of prosecco gift by post. Wouldn’t it?

What’s the Difference?

What should you know about these two wines before deciding whether to send prosecco or champagne by post?  We might need to talk about champagne first since it is, arguably, the king of sparkling wines.

Champagne is made from a blend of three grapes namely chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier although there are also ‘blanc de blancs’ which means the champagne is made from only chardonnay grapes. Why is champagne more expensive than Prosecco? Simply put, Champagne is costly and time-consuming to make in the traditional method while prosecco stems from a less expensive and simpler process called ‘charmat’ also known as the ‘tank method’. This involves making the fruity wine in a large tank. This makes it lighter, fresher and with creamier bubbles. Fermentation takes place once in making prosecco while a second fermentation takes place in the champagne bottle.

On the surface they are similar but the differences are clear.  Champagne tastes delicious but its upstart rival, prosecco, has seen a leap in sales. Before picking between prosecco and champagne gifts by post for personal consumption, you should be aware that for champagne the older the better, while the more aged a prosecco the less desirable it becomes for consumption.  Choose wisely!

Whatever You Do, Send Something!

Sending either of the wines as gifts by post depends on some factors like the legal laws of the country or state and safety of the delicate bottles. It is important to do your research before sending prosecco or champagne gifts through the post. In the case where you can’t find the right courier service to send your wine, you could use the power of the internet by shopping your choice wine as a gift. Be sure that a reputable ecommerce website like amazon will deliver the wine safely to its destination. Some useful places to order your Champagne or Prosecco gifts:

The Perfect Prosecco Gift Hamper


Champagne gifts by post hamper

Presented in a luxury back gift box for that ‘wow’ factor, this Prosecco gift set includes a bottle of crisp, fruity fix and a box of luxury Belgian chocolates. Personalise the gift message, and send it to someone who will appreciate this lovely combo!

Italian Nibbles and Prosecco Gift Hamper

Champagne gifts by post nibbles


This delicious Italian gift set includes a bottle of brut Italian Prosecco from the Antonio Facchin vineyard, along with pizza breadsticks, red wine-infused vinelli backed dough snacks, baked fennel chianchette and some marinated olives. A glorious combination to savour the tastes of Italy, presented in an attractive (and reusable – handy!) gift box. 

Luxury Prosecco and Hat Box Gift Set

The perfect gift to show how much you care, made by The Nations Favourite Chocolate Florist. Beautifully presented, all gifts are handmade, and contains the following: 1 x Vino Spumante Finest Prosecco Extra Dry 10.5% 200ml Bottle, 6 x Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Truffles, and an arrangement of Silk Flowers. Once the prosecco and chocolates have been demolished and are nothing but a distant memory, the flowers remain as a reminder of the best gift there ever was.

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