Prosecco Sweets: The Best of Both Worlds

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What’s not to love about prosecco? It is the quintessential aperitif, with a crisp, aromatic flavor and wallet-friendly price. It also helps that it’s light on the head in the morning after. The British seem particularly fond of it, consuming a quarter of all Italian production of the wine. And it gets even better… Lovers of the drink: hang on to your wineglass, I’ve got big news – you can now EAT your prosecco in the form of prosecco sweets.

These lovely confectioneries come in a variety of colors and shapes, all with the fruity prosecco flavor. And if you have a sweet tooth, you don’t have to worry about your candy intoxicating you; most of the sweets are non-alcoholic, so you can pop a few in the car or share with the kids – no problem.

The makers of the sweets have considered more than just the teetotalers. Variants are available for vegetarians, vegans, and the gluten intolerant.

With Prosecco being so popular nationwide, Prosecco sweets make a splendid and thoughtful gift: sophisticated confectionery to match their sophisticated taste.

So, inspired by our love for novelty and wine, we scoured the internet for the treats, and curated this list of our favorites:

Wendy’s Candies – Strawberry Prosecco Humbugs

Prosecco Sweets Wendys Humbugs

I love the jar and packaging on these – they look like something crazy out of Willy Wonka! These seemingly harmless humbugs contain strawberry flavoured prosecco flavor and lashings of real strawberry liquor. The sweets are handcrafted, using traditional candy making methods and the finest ingredients. Enjoy the taste, indulge in the pleasure.

Chocolate Prosecco Truffle Gift Set

Prosecco Sweets_Chocolate Truffle Set

The most saccharine name on the list – and the product lives up to it. This gift box contains a selection of artisan truffles with premium prosecco, finished with a fine milk chocolate shell. The gift box has an elegant stylish design with a gold embossed logo. The truffles are handmade by expert chocolatiers, with a dash of liquor, guaranteed to unleash a burst of flavor once the chocolate hits the tongue. This is the perfect gift for any chocolate fan who loves their prosecco.

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