Why are Prosecco themed gifts so popular?

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Before we can establish why Prosecco themed gifts are so popular, we first need to work out why this Italian bubbly has taken the world by storm over the last few years.

Alcohol goes through trends and waves of popularity, particularly for female consumers. The highs and lows of consumption are more pronounced with women than with men. Where once Babycham, Lambrini or Bacardi Breezers were the drink of choice, Prosecco now rules the roost.

Although to many Prosecco will feel like a relatively new wine, it has been around for centuries. Prosecco is the closest thing you can get to Champagne, without actually being Champagne. This Italian bubbly is technically a ‘sparkling wine’, but achieves a very similar taste and visual result to Champagne at a lower price point. In a country like the UK where is customary to ‘bring a bottle’ or buy a ‘bottle of something’ for a special occasion, Prosecco filled a natural a gap in the market. This gap exists between expensive, heavy and sometimes overly complex Champagne, and its’ poor cousin, Cava, which for years has been the ‘cheap man’s Champagne’ and everyone knew it. If you rocked up to a dinner party or birthday with a bottle of Cava rather than Champagne, you were making quite a statement about how little you were prepared to spend.

The spend is harder to determine with Prosecco. Most Prosecco neatly fits in the £7 to £25 range. It isn’t perceived as tight or cheap if you give someone a bottle of Prosecco – in fact, these days it is considered very cool. It is light and fruity, bubbly, tastes great, is a reasonable price and makes people feel special when they drink a glass or receive a bottle. Perfect.

It is also a great entry point for newcomers to sparkling wine or the under-25s. Millennials perhaps have a pre-conceived idea about bubbly being a stuffy product, something their parents or grandparents would drink. It is less about opulence, and more about a drink which balances luxury with the everyday. Prosecco, with its’ lower price and lighter flavour make it popular with younger drinkers, and has made the transition from club to bar to restaurant to supermarket to home. Maybe it is a post-recession, austerity reaction. Drinkers want to feel they are able to afford luxury, without the price tag.

This Prosecco culture has increased sales of the sparkling drink year on year, with an unprecedented rise. From 2013 to 14, consumption of Prosecco in the UK doubled. Sales were close to €800m across Europe in 2016. Whereas you would see people on Facebook or Twitter talking about wine or beer, now they are declaring “Prosecco made me do it” or that it is “Prosecco O’Clock”. It is becoming embedded in the psyche of the under 50s, predominantly female, audience.

As a result, Prosecco themed gifts, or presents inspired by someone’s love of this Italian fizz, have skyrocketed in popularity. They are particularly useful as an amusing or novelty present for a friend or family member.  Prosecco themed gifts are perfect for a co-worker’s birthday, leaving present or ‘Secret Santa’ at Christmas. They might also be really handy for someone who is typically very difficult to buy for!

Here we have pulled together some of our favourite Prosecco themed gifts, all of which are available on Amazon, so super easy to purchase and get delivered quickly!

Prosecco Pong Game for Birthdays, Celebrations, Parties

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco PongProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy NowA brilliant new take on the well-known drinking game played around the world, perfect for Prosecco lovers!

One of our favourite Prosecco themed gifts, this set contains 12 plastic recyclable champagne glasses and 3 plastic ping pong balls. Prosecco pong is great gift idea for friends or family, as well as an awesome Secret Santa present. We’ve heard of people using them at hen parties, bridal showers, birthday parties – essentially any occasion where you might be quaffing prosecco or bubbly!

It is good value, good fun, and very easy for groups or individuals to play.

Prosecco and Sparkling Wine Stopper

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco and Champagne StopperProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonThis Bar Craft Prosecco and sparkling wine stopper has a chrome finish, fits most wine or champagne bottles, and the craftsmanship is decent and what you’d expect at this price point. Using a stopper means that the wine (and critically bubbles!) can be kept for longer.

The seal isn’t going to keep the bubbles on Prosecco forever, but should last for a couple of days which is probably all you’ll need in any case. I mean, who keeps Prosecco for weeks on end? Err…no-one. The main purpose of this item is to keep yet-to-be-drunk Prosecco from going flat, and it does a great job.

The stopper works for Prosecco, champagne and most wine bottles. You may find that some bottles are slightly too narrow for the stopper initially, but once you get it into place it won’t come out.

One of our more (ahem) practical Prosecco themed gifts. The stopper is not dishwasher-proof and comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Set of 4 Prosecco slogan coasters

Prosecco Themed Gifts - CoastersProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonThis is one of the more simple Prosecco themed gifts in our list: a set of 4 Prosecco coasters. Each with a humorous Prosecco quote or slogan, these coasters are well-made and good-quality. Each coaster measures approximately 10.5cm square, with a cork back and an easy to wipe laminated surface. As you would expect from a decent coaster, they are heat resistant to cope with hot coffee mugs, and are an ideal, value-for-money stocking filler or birthday present.

Prosecco Printed Cotton Tote Bag

Prosecco Themed Gift - Prosecco Tote Bag

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on Amazon

A simple and brilliant Prosecco themed gift. If you know someone who can’t pass a Prosecco special offer in the supermarket without putting a few bottles in the trolley (you know who we mean!) this bag is perfect for them. These are 100% cotton tote bags, printed in the UK, available in 4 colours (black, natural, emerald and cranberry). High quality bag, with swift delivery from an established British manufacturer. Great fabric tote bag for everyday errands or present for Prosecco obsessives.


‘Ring for Prosecco’ Novelty Bell

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonDo you often sit at home wondering why your glass is empty? Gasping for a glass of crisp, fruity, Italian bubbly? We have the answer, which won’t annoy anyone (much!). Buy this ‘Ring for Prosecco’ bell for someone you know (or yourself) so that your Prosecco needs are attended to in good time. Who says Prosecco themed gifts can’t be useful and kitsch at the same time?


Bottega Gold-Wrapped Bottle Prosecco

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Bottega Gold ProseccoProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonBottega Gold is a brut Prosecco sparkling wine, grown in the Valdobbiadene area of Veneto, Italy. The gold-wrapped bottle protects the wine from light sources, which helps to preserve the freshness and aroma of the wine. This Prosecco is pale straw yellow, with a rich foam and fine perlage. Plenty of bubbles! With a clear, fruity favour, this Prosecco is elegant and fresh and would make a great gift! A perfect present – and because of the gold wrapper, particularly appropriate for a friend or family member’s Golden Wedding Anniversary.


Prosecco Princess Pink Drinks Coaster

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco Princess CoasterProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonExcellent quality drinks coaster for the Prosecco princess in your life! The coaster has a brilliant pink melamine front with cork backing. It measures 10cm by 10cm. These are sold singly but are such great value many people buy half a dozen, as they make awesome little gifts. Every princess should have one…



‘Come in if you have Prosecco’ Coir Doormat

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Coir DoormatProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonDoes someone you know have a tatty-looking doormat? This is the solution. Prosecco-themed and practical – brilliant! A strong, good quality coir doormat, emblazoned with the instruction that if you want to enter the house you can only do so with a bottle or Prosecco! This doormat measures 70cm x 40cm, is PVC-backed for indoor use and is a strong, natural coir mat. A great gift idea!

Novelty Prosecco Shopping Bag

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Novelty Prosecco Shopping BagProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonIn an age when carrier bags now cost 5p each, it pays to have a strong, reusable bag when you’re out shopping. The bag is black with gold print with 2 carry handles. For fans of Prosecco, this is a very practical, quirky gift – with the slogan, “Ooops, have I bought Prosecco instead of bread again?” Good quality, sensible shopping bag which should hit the spot for fans of Italian fizz.


Prosecco Scented Candle

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco Scented CandleProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonExcellent Prosecco-themed candle which will perfume the room nicely. This is a natural soya wax candle, with a potential burn time of some 80 hours! Lasts for ages and comes in a recycled, flame-polished wine bottle. Even greener, once the candle is finished, the glass can be washed and cleaned and used as a drinking glass. A great-value gift which comes in an attractive circular box. Feels more expensive than it is!


Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Shimmer for ProseccoProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonEveryone’s talking about shimmer for Prosecco, a glitter which gives drinks an iridescent finish. As seen on This Morning and in Good Housekeeping magazine, this edible glitter adds not just another level of sparkle but also raspberry flavour and a pink shimmer. The party drink accompaniment is finished off with little heat-shaped flakes of gold. Suitable not just for Prosecco but also champagne, cocktails, mocktails…well, any drink you like! Not just for adults or alcoholic drinks, this glitter can also transform lemonade or fruit squash – perfect for teenage parties or family celebrations. This Prosecco shimmer comes in a pack of 21g which is approximately 14 servings (depending on how generous you are!).

‘I Wish This Was Prosecco’ Coffee or Tea Mug

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco MugProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonEveryone loves receiving a mug. You can literally not have enough mugs. This high quality ceramic coffee (or tea!) mug has a stylish black handle and insides, and is emblazoned with the funny slogan, “I Wish This Was Prosecco” on both sides of the mug. Whether you are a left-hander or right-hander, the gag will work. From a practical perspective is both dishwasher and microwave proof. A great value Prosecco-themed gift!

Prosecco Themed Gift Box Set

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco Gift SetProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonIdeal for the indulgent Prosecco princess in your life! After a long, busy day at work or looking after the kids (or both!) sinking into a hot, bubbly bath with a glass of…well, bubbly….is definitely the order of the day! This Ultimate Prosecco Gift Box Set will go down a treat at Birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Mothering Sunday. Attractively wrapped in a gold gift box, the set doesn’t need any wrapping (bonus lads!) and comes with a lovely gift label for you to write on. Inside you will find Prosecco-scented bath salts to relax you, a sparkling and refreshing Prosecco-scented soap, a delicious (try not to eat it) Prosecco lip balm and finally a great scrunchie for bathing and exfoliating. All products are made with natural ingredients, and the lip balm and soap have added hydrating oils. Important you leave the bath feeling truly pampered! What better present for a Prosecco queen or princess who loves indulging and looking good. Buy as a gift or for yourself!

Prosecco Truffles Gift Box

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Chocolate Truffles

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on Amazon

Calling all chocolate lovers! These decadent truffles are hand-made in London using fine milk chocolate blended with cream and quality Prosecco. The result is a smooth and tasty chocolate treat – super yummy posh choccies! These Prosecco artisan chocolates come in a cute and elegant gift package, and are a lovely gift for either a chocoholic or Prosecco enthusiast. Hand-made by expert British chocolatiers who have been designing and creating artisanal chocolates for 10 years. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Vintage Wooden Prosecco Garden Sign

Prosecco Themed Gifts - Prosecco Vintage Garden SignProsecco Themed Gifts - Buy Now on AmazonKnow anyone who loves Prosecco and being in the garden? We have just the thing. This lovely Austin Sloan wooden sign can be hung over the front door or garden gate and reads, “We’re in the garden drinking Prosecco”. This is pure shabby chic, absolute Jilly Cooper. It doesn’t actually suggest that you, the reader, should go and find Prosecco-drinking garden-dwellers, but let’s assume that is the case! This Prosecco-themed gift is lovingly made by the Kent-based Austin Sloan company, and each sign comes with rope for easy attachment. The prosecco sign measures 30cm x 10cm, and is finished with weather-proof lacquers.They look vintage, with distressed wood for an authentic feel and hand-painted wording. Lovely!

Please note: Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18. For the facts about alcohol please visit drinkaware.co.uk. A signature of someone aged over 18 will be required on delivery.


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