The Ultimate Prosecco Gift Guide

Do you know someone who could do with some support bubbles this year? If you’re shopping online for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions, check out our Prosecco gift guide.

From vast markets like Amazon and Etsy to independent shops, there is a wealth of choice if you know someone who would enjoy receiving a Prosecco-related. If it is a hamper or a gift basket, who doesn’t want to receive one present which turns out to be several?  Whether they like prosecco, champagne, cava or other wines, there are a wide range of options available to suit all budgets. Go for something modest, or choose a gift with a touch of luxury. Also, you can now personalise many gifts online which would make it even more special.

We know it is easy to lose time scrolling through hundreds of products online. Which one do you choose? To help you decide on the best fizzy presents, we’ve put together our ultimate Prosecco gift guide! Read on to make your life much easier…

Prosecco and Chocolates

Know someone with a sweet tooth who also loves a glass or two of Italian Fizz? We have the perfect suggestion: a gift set combining a bottle of bubbly and some choccies or truffles.

Prosecco Hampers

If you want to upgrade the Prosecco and Chocolates option, you could plump for the Prosecco Hamper or Gift Basket. These usually come nicely-presented with some yummy choccies and biscuits. Sometimes the gifts will even come with one or two flute glasses for an extra touch of decadence!

Prosecco Selection

Why not give someone the gift of choice? There are some lovely, really well-presented Prosecco gifts which include 2 or 3 different bottles of Prosecco for someone to sample. There are also miniature bottles available. We all know one bottle is never enough!

What a Glassy Gift!

Now, let’s bring a touch of glass (see what I did there) to our Prosecco gift guide. You can buy your friend or family member a bottle of their favourite Prosecco along with a Prosecco flute glass. This can even sometimes be engraved to make the gift truly personal. Personalisation of gifts like this is increasingly common, and really easy to do.

Pimp your Prosecco

Yes, there are now hundreds of choices to elevate your glass of Prosecco into a real experience. Colour, glitter, flavours – or all of the above! If you’re buying for someone who is a regular drinker of the Italian fizz, these could make a memorable addition to a night out (or in!).

Funny Prosecco Gifts

If your intended recipient is good for a laugh, then a funny or novelty Prosecco gift could be right up their street. Acknowledges the fact they are a Prosecco fanatic, but can be a bit cheeky at the same time! Perfect for birthdays, hen parties etc!

Time to Accessorise

If your friend likes cool little gadgets or super-practical things (usually only seen on TV Shopping channels late at night!) then we have a few suggestions for you here:

Prosecco-Flavoured Treats

Finally, you’ll either love these or loathe Prosecco-flavoured things. They can be a fun gift and if nothing else will definitely start a conversation. I had some Prosecco-flavoured crisps at Christmas. It was just wrong. So wrong. There are, however, lots of sweeties and treats which taste much better!

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